Our mission at Rose Glow Tea Room is to give anyone experiencing stress or anxiety time to hit the reset button while enjoying our tea with poise, grace, and elegance.

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Rose Glow Tea Room provides hemp derived CBD infused tea for anyone looking for options regarding stress, anxiety, and pain management.

Besides it’s great taste, tea contains a chemical known as L-Theanine, which is an excellent anti-stress compound often used to promote a calm, relaxed state of mind. 

CBD works directly on the hypothalamus of the brain, protects us from oxidative damage, and tells our brain to slow down when we are overwhelmed.

Wellness for more people, is evolving. Individuals are looking to improve their health and quality of life with natural solutions. There are health benefits linked to drinking tea and Rose Glow is combing the health benefits of hemp as well.  

When stress is high and available coping skills are low, the effects of stress are more likely, which can shorten someone’s lifespan.

One thing we can do to reduce stress is practice relaxation skills. Even a short tea break can give us a reset.

Here’s my story...

Our packaging uses natural colors like the vibrant red of the sun, rich brown soil, and crisp green leaves. Each package of tea is illustrated with the ingredients found within the teabag. 

Muted colors are used for their calming and reassuring effect, which aligns with the Rose Glow Tea Room mission.


“I continue to support Rose Glow Tea room and use the awesome products because they have truly helped me manage my busy busy life as a mom, full-time worker, part-time hair stylist, and grad school work. I also can tell that the owner is genuine and fully invested in the mission of this company. “

-V. Moore, PA“

"As someone who experiences anxiety, I was looking for something natural to ease panicky moments. I tried the Sunset tea and felt calm almost immediately. Aside from that the tea actually tastes good."

- J. Mendoza

Philadelphia, PA

Each order ships in compostable packaging that also uses compostable tape. Each tube of tea comes with free send paper with wildflowers native to North America.

Flowers grown from the seed paper will help pollinator population.Our blog also shows creative ways to reuse the tea tubes.