Beating Cramps Naturally Beating Cramps Naturally

Beating Cramps Naturally

By Fallon Keplinger

Beating Cramps Naturally Beating Cramps Naturally


Tea- Breathe (CBD Rooibos Tea)

Rooibos has also been found to treat the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome since it’s an antispasmodic and rich in iron and magnesium it helps soothe contractions.

  • Steep 2 oz of tea in 200 degree water for 5-8 minutes and serve.

Rice Heating Pad With Lavender

Women who are stressed tend to have menstrual cramps and more sever ones. The sedative effects of lavender aroma therapy can help women relax.

  • Sew small fabric rectangle pads and fill with rice and lavender buds.
  • Heat in 30 second intervals up to 1.5 minutes.
  • Place on abdomen and relax.

Pain Relief Balm

To ease the menstrual cramping, soreness, bloating, pain, discomfort during that particular time of the month. Lemongrass oil helps with pain relief, so it works for cramps and muscle pain as well, and so does the marjoram oil. Clary sage oil, helps regulate your cycle and bring overall balance. Lavender oil is calming and works well to help relieve pain and swelling. Peppermint oil is also a great pain relief oil. These all make for a great combination.

  • Rub small amount of pain relief balm on pelvic region