Quali-Tea with Rose Glow Tea Room- Tea is a Wish with Kimberley Quali-Tea with Rose Glow Tea Room- Tea is a Wish with Kimberley

Quali-Tea with Rose Glow Tea Room- Tea is a Wish with Kimberley

By Fallon Keplinger

Quali-Tea with Rose Glow Tea Room- Tea is a Wish with Kimberley Quali-Tea with Rose Glow Tea Room- Tea is a Wish with Kimberley

I have always felt like women and tea go together like chocolate and peanut butter. For Women's History Month I decided to ask some tea lovers some questions about tea. Each interview will have the same standard five questions. My next interview is with the author of the Tea is a Wish blog Kimberley. 


Question #1- You are throwing the tea party of your dream. You can invite five people dead or alive, who do you invite?

Walt Disney, Elvis Presley, Sen No Rikyu, Man Ray and John Stezaker (and if I could pick one more, I'd add Dolly Parton into the mix.

I love Dolly Parton!!!

Question #2- What tea region would you like to visit?
The tea region I would love to visit the most is Japan. I've been a huge fan of japan and their culture, tea, food etc for a long time now and when it comes to my tea collection, I own more Japanese tea than anything else. I would love to be able to spend some time there and immerse myself in everything I love about japan and visit some of the tea farms that my favourite teas come from and just do some hand on learning when it comes to tea.
Question #3- What is your favorite tea while reading a book?
When it comes to teas I like to drink while I'm reading it's really hard to narrow it down to just one as if I am reading books I like to try and match the teas I am drinking to the theme of the book. I don't get to sit down and read books to often due to my chronic migraines and pain levels being so high so often but when I do get to do, I always like to try and make it as much of an immersive experience as possible. When I'm reading other blogs or anything online, I tend not to be as picky and will mostly have matcha as I tend to read most online in the late morning/early afternoon and matcha is easy to prepare and gives me a nice energy boost.
Question #4- What is your favorite tea pun?
I'm a huge lover of puns (which I am sure my family and friends are sick of) and its quite hard to narrow it down to just one I love but If I have to pick one it would be
''How long do you steep your green teas for? ....Not Oolong time''
It's bad I know and I apologise.  
I love it and will start using it immediately.
Questions #5- Describe your best tea experience.
Another hard question! A few years ago, though I did two one on one tea master classes with the team at my local T2 Tea. One was all about Chai and the other was all about Matcha and back then I didn't know as much about tea as I do now and these two masterclasses taught me so much about tea.
Before my Chai masterclasses I had never had stovetop chai and they taught me how to make it and give me so much in-depth knowledge about chai. The same with the Matcha one as well, I knew some stuff about matcha before I went in but I had ever made it traditionally and they taught me how to make it multiple ways and taught me all about the tea ceremony and ever since I did both of those, I have never looked back. I adore matcha and am making it my aim this year to explore it more in depth and I've never stopped making stovetop chai since that masterclasses. I really have a lot to thank the team at T2 for as If it wasn't for them, I probably wouldn't have started my blog because two of their blends were the first loose leaf tea I ever tried. So, I look back at those masterclasses as some of my favourite tea moments ever.

This interview was amazing!! Absolutely lovely! Thank you for taking the time Kimberley! I would love to have a virtual tea tasing with you sometime. Find out more about Kimberley here.