Tea Break Tea Break

Tea Break

By Fallon Keplinger

Tea Break Tea Break

Hi all,

I posted on my instagram that I am taking a bit of a break from blending and shipping tea. I will still take part in some holiday promotions (that tea has already been made and shipped) I will not be taking orders fro anymore tea. 

I will be working on

  • Revising my business plan
  • Working on grants
  • Taking classes on tea
  • Attending virtual tea tastings
  • Talking with people in the field

I think it is really important for me to take a break and figure out which direction I would like to go with my company. I will be returning to tea on April 1st. In the mean time, I would like to share some classes I will be attending. If you have the time, I encourage you to check out these classes as well.

2/6/2021- Tea Basics- Dessert Tea presented by The Cultured Cup



2/9/2021- Womxn in Cannabis: An Educational Discussion on Ending Stigma



2/14/2021-Ceremonial Teas in the Context of African American Social Life



2/18/2021- Yoni Steaming & CBD



2/20/2021- Virtual Tea Tasting with a Tea Sommelier