World Tea Expo Day 2 Part 2- World Tea Expo Day 2 Part 2-

World Tea Expo Day 2 Part 2-

By Fallon Keplinger

World Tea Expo Day 2 Part 2- World Tea Expo Day 2 Part 2-

The class I went to was "Riches in Niches" presented by Founder and CEO of Tea Drunk- Shunan Teng.

Tea Drunk is a New York based tea house specializing in Chinese tea and preserving Chinese tea traditions. She has spoken and Yale and Stoney Brook University. She even worked with the MET on a temporary teahouse in the museum. She has also been featured in a TEDed talk regarding the history of tea.

The take aways from her talk:

Having a specialized business can give you more opportunities. However, there are challenges when you start a business by yourself.


  • Not having a team
  • Resources
  • No one to delegate responsibilities to

Think about your resources:

  • Money- a limitation for all business owners
  • Speciality- in my case, CBD blended tea sourced from small farms
  • Geography- If you have a brick and mortar, you need high visibility with a foot traffic advantage.
  • Network- people from work, the restaurant world, friends, and family

Just like wine, tea is the product of location. Location sells and is what contributes to the price of tea.

  • Know your top terrior, those teas cost $5-$10 an ounce
  • Orthodox teas and non-blended tea have their own niche market
  • Organic does not be premium. It means the tea farm has a sizable scale to afford the certification label.
  • Know where your tea is sourced
  • Stay true to your brand. Don't have an identity crisis. Specialize don't generalize.
  • Be innovative

Think about how you are marketing your tea. What is your role?

  • Producer
  • Tea Expert
  • Industry Expert
  • Packager
  • Restauranteur
  • Health Guru
  • Cultural Ambassador

How are you making your business known

  • B2B
  • Internet
  • Brick and Mortar