About us

My story starts with stress and anxiety. Work stressed me, making sure my dogs are happy stressed me, having in-laws stressed me, being a good friend stressed me, the rapidly declining bee population stressed me out. Add to that painful periods, after-workout aches, restless nights, and tendencies to take on too much. Never has more been expected from a woman. To be successful in school, go on to have a successful career, a caring partner, supportive social circle, and an appointed dwelling. My life had become perfunctory. I never just stopped and did something for me.

I then promised myself at least once a day I would drink a cup of tea with all my distractions off. Just me and my tea. I decided to take control of my life. I chose to respond to my stress instead of react. Life doesn’t get easier; just more manageable. The ingredients put in my tea help uplift and restore from the inside out. Hopefully this tea is as enjoyable to you as it is to me.

Memento Viveri- Remember to live


Our Values

We are dedicated to bringing the best experience to our devoted customers, and hold the following values in the heart of our brand:

staying truthful and honest

between work and play

giving back

we are lifelong learners